Hi my name is Poppy your hairapy bestie, and I'm so glad we met! Every two months we will curate for you a set of hair products, tools and tutorials to achieve your most desired hair goals at home! Our box is curated by professional stylist from our sister brand Little Thrills Salon. Trust me, we know all about the hair struggles and our suggestions are based on real behind the chair client interactions and challenges. 

Our goal is to provide you educated choices for shampoo/ conditioner/ styling and tools that will prevent that dreaded impulse grocery store purchase of a product or tool you will never use or are not right for you. We care about you, your budget and your lifestyle. I look forward to seeing you in each box with a new little thrill to boost your confidence and bring you joy. A little Hairapy is all the modern babe needs.

Here's how it works

1. Choose box

2. Choose plan

3. Enjoy